O365 encrypted email - incorrect portal login

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Apologies if this has been asked.

We send certain credentials to our customers via Office 365 encrypted email. The customer contact gets the email, they open the email sign in using OTP or to their email system and they view the email.


However, as of late more and more are unable to access the email because they are being forwarded to our comapny Office365 login and obviously as they have no account they cannot access the email content. They also do not seem to have the option to select the OPT.


I have tested with sending the encrypted email to a seperate O365 tenant/account, gmail, hotmail/live, sky and seems to work. Contacts it is not worknig for are using various email solutions, one contact that the process worked for back in May.


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? I cannot rule out our IT have changed something on our Office 365.




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