O365 E1 and iOS mobile Basic Editing

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I'm trying to figure what exactly should be possible with the iOS mobile apps with an E1 license and what shouldn't.

I'm referencing this page here:


specifically the second row in the table:

Basic editing is possible only on some documents (see the note below), and also depends on what type of device you're using the apps on.



The reality is, I can't edit (basic text into a cell) or create a single excel file on the iOS App (iPhone SE / 4 inch).

I'm not even talking about premium or extra features that are specifically locked away at E3.

Either this article is wrong, or the apps are behaving wrong. Otherwise I'd like to know what counts as "basic editing"

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Hi Ivan. 


We have the same questions. For example, our students on Education E1 iPads can't edit anything using the iPad apps. But I when I looked at this document. From the Microsoft page you shared, it looks like any Education plan should be able to do basic editing on an iPad. But in fact, our users can't edit anything. They can't even edit a OneNote. We are on the tenant in Singapore and have 800 or so E3 licenses, but want our younger kids to use iPads and the E1 license. Any suggestions? I am positive this was marketed as basic editing at no cost on any tablet under 10 inch screen size. 

I'm in the same situation, having multiple technicians I intended to work exclusivley browser based and on mobile devices, but I'm not able to fulfill this currently, without an E3 licenses, which brings the full Office 2016, that I wanted to remove in the first place.

Eithe they update their pages, or make editing on mobile devices available. An E2 license might also be an option I guess.

Our own experience is editing is not possible without a qualifying plan that comes with MS-Office.



Apologies for reviving this thread, but rather than starting a new one.


The challenge comes in the footnote of the Microsoft article:


The non-qualifying plans listed above, don't come with a license for the Office desktop apps, so if you have one of these plans you can only view and not edit any documents you save to Office 365 services such as OneDrive for Business and SharePoint team sites. To edit Office files you saved to these services, you must have a subscription to one of the qualifying Office 365 Business, Education, Nonprofit, or Government plans, and your Office 365 admin must have assigned you an Office license.


AN E1 user would be able to edit if he/she stored his/her documents outside of Office 365. Having just started our deployment, we are running into this limitation as it conflicts directly with our implementation of Intune, which restricts users from downloading documents to locations other than ODFB or SharePoint Online. This really limits the usability of an E1 license on mobile.


Microsoft should revisit their licensing strategy in light of the security concerns many companies have and are implementing Intune (or other mobile application management solutions) for their users.


Hi, Kan anyone help me about Excell?

E1, and most other plans that might not have had it before, should have mobile edit by now. Despite mention of the "next few months" below (that would mean that existing customers on E1 should have been upgraded by summer 2018 at the latest), we still don't have it (Non-profit E1). Getting anyone to understand this and/or fix it is close to impossible, however.







@Brian .Same here for us, we are on a O365 non profit and still can't edit on mobile devices. 

@Carlos Cordeiro,  There are a number of items in effect here. If you are procuring portal direct and your license show as legacy E2 there will not be mobile editing rights. If are using the E1 (nonprofit) and still do not have editing rights you will need to procure your licenses through a CSP provider or under a Microsoft EA. Mobile editing was rolled out to the commercial versions of O365 E1 that are available to nonprofits with nonprofit discounts through CSP or EA agreements. 


I spoke to Office 365 support and they explained exactly what you just said. I purchased the new E1 SQU and changed all my users to that and now we can edit files on mobile devices. 


Thank you!