O365 Cloud Excel Filters Not Working

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Hi - we have recently moved to O365 and experiencing a lot of difficulty applying filters in the Cloud version. It's very hit and miss - but users are getting very frustrated - sometimes working and sometimes not responsive. (Or sometimes responsive but not showing any row data.) The solution may be to install O365 desktop but the product is designed to work in the cloud so would like to find a solution. We have good internet speed (45mbps) and have tried rebooting machines and/or opening in a different browser, and this sometimes fixes the problem - but not consistent. I'm sure we can't be the first to experience this - so any suggestions very welcome! (And trying to call MS for support is a complete waste of time - 8 different calls to somebody with a baby on her lap in Manilla over the worst telephone connection and no chance of understanding me...grrrr.) Thanks!

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