O365 - Change suffix of a Shared Mailbox

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Is it possible to rename and change a suffix of a shared mailbox please?


Department@contoso.com to Department@fabrikam

and preserve its content and permissions?

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It's possible, and easily done via PowerShell. Question is what exactly you want to achieve here, change the SMTP address, change the UPN, change any additional references to the domain? And once you make the changes, do you need to keep the old aliases, for delivery purposes?


You can try something like this for example:


Set-mailbox shared@domain.com -WindowsEmailAddress shared@newdomain.com


This will make shared@newdomain.com the new primary SMTP address, while preserving the old one as secondary.

@mani422 Just to put it out there, it's easy to do from the admin portal as well (improved GUI).

Changing the suffix makes no difference in Hybrid either, the article you're citing is for different issue (cloud-created shared mailbox that you want to access cross-premises).