New Office365 Lists - What lists will users see?

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I need some help to understand the new Microsoft Office365 List app


I work quite allot in Powerapps.

I use often Sharepoint Lists as a place to store data for the app.


All the users need permissions to edit this list if they are to use an powerapp to update and add data to the list.


I am now worried that users will fins these Sharepoint lists in the new List App?

Before i could hide the list easily on a sharepoint site and give specific permissions to the list and then hide it. But now im worried that the List App will show all lists that the user have permissions to.


Can anyone explain how this will work?

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@Oskar Kuus Far as I know anyone that has access will see it. I use similar with PowerApp backed lists. Curious if there is a way to disable that thou. @Mark Kashman might know. Mark, is there a setting / property of any kind we can set to make these lists not show in the lists app for users? 

I have the same concerns and searching for ways to disable the Recent Lists filter in MS Lists app and only keep My Lists filter. Alternatively a way to exclude a certain site collection from being included in the Recent Lists filter. I also had an issue with the lists for PowerApps appearing in Search and changed all of them in Advanced Settings to not be included in Search results. We need something similar for appearing in MS Lists app.