Need to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (.msg format) stream from an "Office App" into web

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Glossary: - "Omni” is a web-based Office 365 app and it is capable to store documents from browsing feature and Office 365 documents into an archive repository.



Requirement description: -We have an Office 365 app: Omni which is capable to upload Office 365 documents into its archive system, and now we want to give a screen where document list will come from an archive repository and on click of a particular Office (doc, xls, ppt, and msg) document, its stream has to open in Office 365 Web from App. After that, we will modify the document and Check-In on the same location of the repository i.e. on Check-Out, some unique flag will has to set on the document for the identification of the stream which can be further utilized while Check-In.

For reference: - 

We click on "Document List" properties of folder and that display document list in a pop-up and there we want to Check-Out the document to display on Office 365 and post edit, we want to Check-In in the same folder.


Note: - After Modify of the document, we will give some button on Office 365 menu to "Check-In" on the portal or any suggestion will be welcomed.


Kindly assist on this to achieve it.

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