Multiple DKIM (Office 365 + 3rd Party)

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Hi team,

This may be a bit out of scope but i need to get some clarification regarding DKIM. Let's say I have O365 and DKIM is already configured, I have selector1 and selector2 configured and is working fine.

However, I have another 3rd party solution that is used for mass mailing. For this they want to use their own DKIM as well.

I would like to know what I should do here?

  • I already have 2 of the O365 DKIMs
  • Should I just add an additional DKIM (lets say selector3) from the 3rd pary mailer to the same domain or is there any other method for this.
  • Is there a way when it comes to naming the new 3rd DKIM record?


Appreciate your help on this :)

Thank you.


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