Multiple 365 Work Accounts / Organizations?

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We are migrating our office applications to 365 business standard.


One of our employees is also a school governor, and the school have set up an office 365 account for her, using her school e-mail address, so that her 365 profile is not linked to our organization.


On her Android phone and tablet, the school installed the 365 App giving her access to school e-mails and other 365 APPS. (e-mails are accessed via the web portal)


We have installed the "OUTLOOK APP" on both android devices giving access to her company e-mails.


But how can we manage, her 365 profiles with two independent organizations on the same device(s)?


She needs access to school and company 'assets' but they must not be mixed up!





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@Phil_G_S5407 If I understand it correctly, you have no way of controlling the profile that is from outside the organization. You can however control the apps that are installed from your organization and logged in and set up from your organization as the primary account.  The user will only have access to the assets that it is allowed access when using the organization account. EG. In Outlook, you can view all accounts in a single inbox list or as each independent inbox by selecting the home button next to the inbox and choosing the account you want to view from this point. Similar applies to Teams and OneDrive.

@Sydneyjd Thanks for clarification - problems now solved.