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Hi, we've been using MS Access for many years to insert some data into an Access' table using copy-paste as an OLE object. In the most cases, we've been inserting some text from Word containing a picture.


 In the form where we display those inserted data, we've, of course, always seen all previous pasted data. In a few week ago, I noticed that in my Office 365 I saw only a "blank" window as nothing was inserted there. However, when I edited the object I found out that the page with the pasted text (and a picture) was actually there but the page was scrolled down and only that blank space below the text was displayed in the form.


Has anyone any idea how it is possible that the whole OLE object is not displayed?


 Just to give more details: the new data were inserted in Office 365, Office Professional Plus 2013 and 2016. When checking the entries on the PCs/laptops of introduction, everything looks fine; when checking the entries on different PCs/laptops, it varies - sometimes I see everything without any problems (Office 365, Office 2016), sometimes I see a blank space (365, 2013, 2016).


 I've found out that I can "fix" it on my laptop (with 365) by editing each entry, selecting the already inserted text, ctrl-c, closing and ctrl-v. After that, I can see all the entries I edited in any version of Access. But there are thousands of entries waiting for this treatment...


 Any help to fix the problem would be very appreciated.


Regards from Prague,




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Hi again,


 I've got an explonation of the questioned issue from Zbynek Hora working at : this is happenning when the entries are done on PCs/laptops with Win 10 as OS but you are watching the results on PCs/laptops with Win 8.1.


 There are two suggested solutions: either to use PCs/laptops with Win 10 only for entering/editing the OLE objects or to "update" the "hidden" contents (i.e. the content that is not displayed) on PCs/laptops with Win 8.1 using the following procedure: right-click on the "hidden" content - Document Object - Convert, the check the box "Display as icon" and OK. Then repeat the procedure but uncheck the box this time. It works but it's tedious... :(


 Beside using PCs/laptops with Win 10, the OLE objects are displayed correctly when they're entered on PCs/laptops with Win 8.1...