missing "DELETED ITEMS" folder in Outlook 365 Home

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I have just installed Office 365 home on my Windows 10 pc.    In Outlook 365 Home there is no DELETED ITEMS folder.


How can I recover this folder?

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Can you try the following:
Hit Windows button + R (run)
Put the following "outlook.exe /resetfolders"

You could also try:

Let us know if it fixed the issue for you :)
The response to both of those was Windows cannot find... Make sure you typed the benefits correctly and then try again.
Ah yes sorry, you need to provide the full path to the Outlook exe. What is easier for you is just press the Windows button only (which opens the start menu) and then provide these commands. Let me know if it worked :)

@Dennis Hogewoning 


I did type the full path, I was just trying to truncate my response.   This time I put a space between the outlook.exe and the forward space and got the following.  See screenshots


Hmm, especially since it is a new install this seems weird to me. Can you try to create a new Outlook profile? https://kb.cscc.edu/article/how-to-recreate-an-outlook-profile-110.html

When this is done successfully you should see something like: Outlook is configuring for the first time (or something similar) when starting Outlook again. If that is not enough, try again to perform one of these /resetfolders or /resetfoldernames switches. Also see if there are Office updates pending and/or Windows updates.

Good luck!
Another note, this is also a new install of Office on a clean install of Windows 10.

What if I try a repair of Office too? I'll try the new profile first.
For some email servers like gmail it will show as Trash. There may be 2 as 1 is for gmail acct and other I guess other stuff in other folders on that list. Right click in left side bar list your email server address and choose "Update folders". If nothing, try send recieve. If nothing try close and reopen Outlook. My trash for gmail reappeared after updating folders. Not immediately but within about a minute.
As well as the method of rt clk imaps, chk that folders you want are subscribed to with the query button and chk boxes and folder pics showing subscribed or not. Set your preference, apply, ok. May have to send receive and wait a bit or byte. Or close reopen Outlook.