Migrate US region Office 365 E5 to Canada region

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Hello friends,


Please guide me or share any reference... My customer plan to move his E5 tenant US region to Canada region. For this any Microsoft standard process available or I need to migrate all using third party tools. Kindly guide me...



Jenkins NS

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@Jenkins NS Hello, the details are a bit short but perhaps this is applicable for your scenario?


Moving core data to new Microsoft 365 datacenter geos



When can I request a move?



Data move general FAQ



Thank you very much for your reference

@ChristianBergstrom I used to live in the US and have had a personal Microsoft 365 subscription.  I relocated to Canada a year ago and through 2020 I renewed this subscription for a year.  The subscription expires in the 1st wk of Jan 2021.  


Instead of the US subscription, I would like to subscribe to the Canadian Microsoft 365 after the 1st wk of Jan so that I get billed in CAD instead of USD.  Would I have to stop my US subscription and start a new Canadian subscription?  Also, would all my data on OneDrive from my US subscription be lost or would it get transferred to the new Canadian subscription?