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Migrate 400 Gb file share from Server 2012 to SharePoint questions

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This looks to be very straightforward using the migration tool in terms of getting the data into SharePoint.  But I have a couple of questions.


  1. How does one preserve the Active Directory rights to the files?  For example, we have a Payroll folder on the server that only 3 people have access to, do the AD rights move with this folder or does every folder need to be set up individually?
  2. Is there a way to keep everything in sync while the migration is going on?  I would imagine moving this much data will take some time and people will be working on files while it is going on.


I guess my fantasy is I kick off the migration and and over time all the files get pushed to the SharePoint document library I created.  While this is going on the files are being used on on the local server and SharePoint is syncing with it.  Eventually, all the files are in SP and I start having subsets of users (small company, about 40 users) start accessing files on SP and not on the file server. In the end all users use just the SharePoint site and I can use the file server as a sort of backup until I retire it.


This is a 10 year old server, I would really like to move people away from it and into SP as opposed to building an entire new one and continuing in what I feel is an out of date model.  It is also a DC, but that is another story.  There are segments of the company that have embraced SP for their file sharing and others that are very reluctant. 

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I came across your question and I would to share that when migrating from windows server 2016 to Sharepoint Online we used a tool called Gs Richcopy 360, it can sync everything while data is in use (sync in real-time ), can sync and preserve NTFS/shared permissions , also it is easy and quick