Microsoft sure knows how to make life easy with a brand spanking new Surface Pro i7

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There is no option to uninstall all, it takes 40 minutes to uninstall one locale, and theres like 20 of them. Also, I need to do this on 5 more Surface Pros.


Microsoft, please, why do you bloat your own hardware?


Is there a way to remove all at once?


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If your still encountering this issue you could always try the uninstall support tool if you haven’t already, it’s option 2 here and see if it helps:

I can confirm (having ran into this language pack nonsense myself) that this is the easiest solution. Download the Office Removal Tool linked in this answer, it'll run through once and remove all instances of Office. Handy tool for cleaning up Office bloat on new laptops/workstations.

Anecdotally I found it removed all the language packs quicker than Windows took remove a single language pack.


Have you tried using an uninstall xml? 

run Office Deployment tool

"Setup.exe /configure .\uninstall.xml"


Setup your uninstall XML like this and save as Uninstall.xml


<!-- Uninstall Office 365 /> -->

<Remove All="TRUE">
<Display Level="None" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />
<Logging Path ="C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\PKG_LOGS"/>