Microsoft Forms: file number has exceeded the maximum limit

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I have created a small form with 16 questions. 5 of those questions are file uploads that allow the user to take up to 5 photos (1 per question) and submit them with the form. The other questions are text or options with Yes/No answers.

So far we have received 123 responses. The photos are around 5-6 MB each. Now when one of the users has tried to fill in and submit the form he is getting the message "file number has exceeded the maximum limit" on each of the photos and he cannot submit.

I've been digging around trying to see if we have really reached the maximum no of responses or files but everything I have read indicates that we are well below the limit of responses. So, 2 questions:
1. Why is the user getting these messages?
2. How can I see what our total file/space usage is?

Thanks for any help you can give,

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