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Hello all,

I'm helping organizing a two-weekends charity event to raise money for Covid.

We are serving food to about 150 tables and the money will go to the local hospital.

To ensure social distancing at the entrance, and to record data from the paticipants for local laws requirements, I would like to use Bookings to reserve tables.

Tables are reserved for the whole evening, but every visitor must choose his/her entrance time slot (30 minutes time slots, 5 time slots per evening).

I am setting up 3 services, as in the following table:


Table for 2 people10
Table for 4 people10
Table for 6 people10


In every of these services, I set up duration 30 mins, and maximum number of participant 10.

This way, every time slots allows 10 people to book the same service (aka table size).


I have some questions, since I've never used this tool:

1) Is it possible to NOT display the duration of the event in the booking page? Showing up '30 minutes' is confusing for the user.

2) Is there a way to assign any resource / people? Because if I select my own account for every table service, when the first one gets to 10 reservations, the time slot disappears for every service, and that's not what I want.


Thank you very much!! Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!


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