Microsoft 365 apps for Business

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Hi everyone. I use Microsoft 365 Business Basic (online apps only - exchange) in the our company. I want to subscribe to the desktop apps (excel, word and PP). I'm found on the site two options:

1. "Microsoft 365 Apps For Business" (excel, word and pp Premium)

2. "Microsoft 365 Personal" (excel, word and pp Premium)


Can I use Microsoft 365 Personal to open Excel/Word documents that are inside my Onedrive for Business and save them automatically? 


For example: 


My file is on the Onedrive > I open Excel spreadsheet on the MS365 Personal and save automaticly > Is possible??


Whats the difference in between MS365 Personal and MS365 Apps for Business, when I already sign MS365 Business Basic?? 



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I'm pretty certain you're not allowed to use the Personal edition for work/business related stuff. Stick to the Business edition.
So, files on the Onedrive for Business = open with "Apps for Business edition", right? If I wanna save in real time, right?
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Something like that, yes.