Message Trace Older Than 90 Days

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Hi all,


I need to find all the messages sent for a specific address over the last year.

Is there a way for this?


In Mail Flow > Trace, I can generate a report of 90 days.

Using PowerShell, the cmdlet Get-MessageTrace says that it is not available for older than 10 days.


I do not know if E-discovery or any other tool can be used for this purpose, if yes, please send me a ref for that. I tried to handle e-discovery but no success.


Thanks in advance

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Message trace cannot extend over 90 days (you need to run a "historic" trace if over 10 days), and eDiscovery/Content search will only return data about items *currently* in a given mailbox. Here's a reference just in case: Search for content - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs

Worked, perfect!


Is there any way to get the deleted emails using content search@__AlexXx__ 

@Vasil Michev

I can find no information on a historic trace but OP thanked you and said it worked. Link you sent had no info on it. Please help!