Merge Two Microsoft 365 Groups Together

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Hi All,


I have the following scenario:


We have two separate active Microsoft 365 Groups that serve essentially the same purpose (we'll just call them 'Group A' and 'Group B') in terms of the materials that are stored on their respective SharePoint sites. Group A does not have Microsoft Teams connected and Group B does have Microsoft Teams connected.


What we would like to do is take all the information from Group B and transfer it over to Group A. This includes all the SharePoint material as well as transfer the associated MS Teams team from Group B to Group A (As a reminder, Group A does not have Microsoft Teams connected at the moment).


I'm wondering if transferring all this information is possible. If it is, what are the necessary steps, and what are some of the things I should take into account before actually merging these two Microsoft 365 Groups together?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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There are no built-in tools for that, best you can do is leverage the copy/move functionality in ODFB. Teams conversations and such cannot be transferred without third-party tools/programmatic solution.