Manage Email Addresses from PowerShell

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We have a hybrid deployment of Exchange Online with Exchange Server 2019 On-Prem.


We had an issue where some accounts were not syncing their SIP address properly. Surprisingly, I found that I was now able to edit email addresses from the Exchange Online Admin Center. Whereas previously, we had to make the changes on-prem and wait for (or force) a sync.


Using PowerShell would have gotten us through the SIP issue easily. However, we are still unable to manage email addresses via the Set-Mailbox cmdlet due to the write scope.


Obviously, the admin center is able to execute the commands. So I am wondering if anyone knows what commands the admin center is sending so that I can use those to script in PowerShell.


Attached are screenshots of the success in the Admin Center, failure in PowerShell, and the script I wanted to run.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This looks fishy to me, the (old) EAC uses PowerShell on the backend for most operations, so you should have the same experience. Then again, Microsoft might have changed something... best open a support case.

Yeah, that was my understanding, as well. I figured Microsoft must have changed something recently, because it IS working from the EAC.

I'll go ahead and open up a case.