M365 Shared Calendar Unable to modify items/appointments from Outlook 2016

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I have a user who is using Outlook 2016 and has their M365 account configured within it. They have a shared calendar from another user and has been granted editor permissions and has been delegated access to it.


The user can can modify appointments/items when logged into outlook via the broswer but when they are logged into outlook 2016 desktop app and view the same calendar, the option to edit or create is greyed out.


I have tested with the user who is experiencing the issue and they can modify and create appointments in my calendar from Outlook 2016 when granted Editor permission.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what would cause this?



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@Matt_Taylor2 Hi, can't say for sure. But from my experience it sounds like a cache issue, and as it's working online you know where to focus. So instead of doing massive troubleshooting just try to remove the added delegate settings (if that's the way of work) and add them back again. If no success create a new Outlook profile to have all settings reload.

@ChristianBergstromThanks for your response, i'll give these suggestions a try. I don't think re-creating the profile will help as I have had the user add their account to a different outlook on a different PC and the option to edit/create calendar appointments was still greyed out.