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Contacts associated with my gmail accounts disappeared while converting from outlook 3650home to outlook 365 business.  I had 2 business exchange server accounts and 3 gmail accounts set up.  THe exchange server accounts set up fine with the associated contact files, but the gmail account's contactws disappeared.  I tried importing them from a backup PST file and I can now see address books with the contacts in them, but annot sellect them in the cc or bcc fields of an email.


In the old days, this would have been a matter of moving them to another folder.  I'm sure there is a simple solution.  But I can't find it in the help files.


Can anyone help?



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Are you talking about autocomplete? Are the contacts available among your contacts but doesn’t show up when you start typing them in the to fields when composing a mail in outlook?

In that case I know that this is a list that is getting built as you write the addresses!
I know these entries are now stored in exchange but not sure if this is the case for personal accounts though

Also check if this feature is enabled:


Also see:


I suspect this entries work differently with gmail and maybe they are stored locally somewhere?
I’ll investigate a bit more