Is Microsoft Stream required for meeting playback in Teams?


Hi ,

   Microsoft has announced that the meeting recording/playback feature will be available in Microsoft Teams from next year onwards .So I would like to know whether Microsoft stream license is required for the users to play a meeting recording in Teams ? Please let me know so that we can adjust our Office 365 implementation road-map accordingly .

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AFAIK, this feature does not require Stream...I would expect this feature would be provided out of the box without additional requirements

The Cloud Meeting Recording feature that is coming to Teams in 2018 does require you users to be allowed to store to create videos in Stream, and that you have sufficient storage available. I'm sure Microsoft will provide more details for admin at the point it reaches General Availability.


It is an awsome feature, once it's set up then it can be seamless to a user, press record in your meeting, at the end the video is posted back into the channel.

Interesting...and what is going to happen with all the customers that are not in an Office 365 Enterprise Plan?

No idea, we'll need to wait until it's GA to find out I guess, but I would expect they will need to buy the Standalone plan for Stream.