iPhone users bombarded with O365 login prompts

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Hi All,

I have a group of users with iPhones, some of them using Outlook some of them using iOS mail. All of the users have enforced MFA and 2 email accounts.


Every few days to few weeks they get bombarded with a prompt to update their password. The options are "edit settings' or 'Cancel'. If you hit edit settings it takes you to the account settings and has a 're-authenticate' message at the top. While you're trying to re-enter your password either the same account or the second email account keeps prompting the message over and over.


These issues are the same accross all iPhone users in our company so I struggle to believe this is a unique situation.


Can someone please shed some light on what I should do here. They users all really struggle with reading what's on the screen and deciphering what to do next. Even when they do figure it out they get 5 more prompts interrupting trying to complete said responses.

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@ITGuy337 Make sure you are forcing your Apple users to authenticate with OAuth. And you have to fast-switch over to the authenticator app to hit the approve so that Apple doesn't put the settings app to sleep. The settings app won't pick up the approval if asleep. (That's my theory)

@Greg Wilkinson Thanks for the tip. Yeah switching to the app quickly is definitely part of the issue. It is set to send a notification but sometimes it doesn't show or the user misses it.

This group of users aren't particularly savvy to make things worse, I still have to tell them every time to rest their finger on the sensor, don't press on it to give it your fingerprint :facepalm:

Appreciate your time, thanks again.