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Hi all,


MS Support just told me, repeatedly, that if I want to send a meeting request to someone who is not part of a 365 tenant, then I first need to add that person as a guest account in Azure.  Then that user needs to download Teams, set up a MS related account and then they can access the meeting. That seems ludicris. I have the every setting correct for access, even MS support confirmed that it's configured correctly but that I still need to add any non-365 accounts as Guest Accounts.

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I suppose it depends on the end goal here, but if you simply want them to attend a meeting, adding them as guests is not needed. Now, if you want them to have access to meeting notes, documents shared and so on, adding them as Guests is a good idea.

@Vasil MichevThanks for the answer. I had told them that this was for simply attending a meeting and they were insistant that any meetings attendee needed to be added as a guest user in Azure. I disagreed but to no end.

Oh well, first-line support is not known for their expertise...