interesting calendars - Football Calendar is released (How to turn it off?????)

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Hey Everyone,
Back on Aug 1st, Microsoft put a blog out about "Interesting Calendars" that were coming -


Well, i guess one of the first ones is here. Its the Football Calendar.

When you launch your calendar in OWA for the first time you will get a pop up asking you if you want to add the Football calendar to your Calendar. If you select NO, it wont show again, you can just go back to the dropdown and add ti when you want.


Well, i have a customer that upset that this is showing up in his "business" email. He does not want his employees adding football calendars. He wants a way to hide it, delete it, don't show it......whatever, you get the point.


I kind of agree with him in the sense that we (Any Admin) does need a place to hide this stuff or turn it off so the tenant/Users cannot see it, but does anyone know of a way to do this? I have looked around and I do not think you can turn it off.

Just wanted to put this out there to see what people think or if they know of a way to turn it off/delete it


*Update - Sorry, Rio Summer Games was first one, Football is the 2nd one

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Hi David,


I agree 100% with you. There has to be a way to switch on/off features like this. Nor every organization wants these stuff appearing for their users.


It's really great that Microsoft is adding new features that will make the life easier for users. But, sometimes I find it very annoying that they release features like this without giving adequate control of the feature for the Administrators of tenants.


Thank you,

Muditha Chathuranga



I mean, I would be happy with just a "Show/Hide" radio button, like they did for "SItes/ODFB/Yammer" in the SharePoint Admin Center


*this is what it should be like (i would be  happy with it)

Login > Admin > Settings > Services & Apps > Calendar >


Holiday Calendar        Show/Hide

Birthday Calendar        Show/Hide

Interesting Calendar     Show/Hide


I was just going to ask the same question. I have two customers that want that disabled.

Microsoft should allow admins to enable that feature for their users if they want instead of enabling it by default; and even worse, by not putting any centyral control on it.

feeling the same way it should be possible to turn the alert off.