Inserting a hosted image in my email signature sends all outgoing emails into spam

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I can't believe in 2021, it is still so difficult to setup an email signature but here I am hoping the good people in this community can help me.


I need to setup an email signature with an image of my company logo. In the past, I've used a hosted image as I was told this was best practice so your logo loads and doesn't turn into an attachment. 


I'm trying to do this on the web outlook on my 365 account but every email I send out that has a hosted image in the email goes straight to spam. These are my steps. 

  • I've upload an image of my company logo to 
  • Copied the public image and gone into my web outlook 365 
  • Settings > View all settings
  • Compose and reply > Email signature
  • Paste my hosted image
  • Added some text of my name and address and clicked saved. 


When I go to send an email out to people, every email is automatically flagged and goes into the receivers spam folder. If I remove the hosted image from the email signature, it is received as normal. If I do this in gmail, everything is fine so it really annoys me that outlook can't set this up while gmail can very easily. 


Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thank you



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Hi, I was tasked in confirming if adding a logo in our email signature is still an issue with spam or not being able to be viewed by the recipient and looks like this is still an issue - hoping someone from Microsoft can confirm possibly