In Outlook online Attaching a file from Sharepoint fails

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Hi All,


I wonder someone could help to resolve the following issue in Online version of Office 365 Outlook.

This happens when my client logs in to his company Office 365  account.

All he wants to do is attach a document from SharePoint drive.


He opens the Outlook in Office 365

Opens new email

Clicks 'Attach' and selects ‘Browse cloud locations’

On the left he chooses ‘Groups’

The SharePoint share shows on the right

Clicks on the SharePoint share

The program flicks back to the New message dialog box. Then on he can't click 'Attach' and select attachment options any more. It is as if Outlook partially crashed.

He has to go out of Outlook and reopen it to get going again. 

But he can access SharePoint files through Word or Excel without an issue.


The above procedure works fine for my company domain and I can select and attach files in Outlook without an issue.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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@masnet I have a user with this exact problem. I can even log as them on my machine and the have the same problem.


We go to office365>Outlook>New>Attach>Browse Cloud>Groups>click a group. The screen vanishes and it goes back to the email. Then Attach>Browse Cloud drops back to the email but the other options in attach still work. I am able to refresh the browser window with F5 and it lets me browse cloud but still fails if we select a group.

It's just one user, and it happens on every (4) machine we tried it on. I have been digging around in the user properties but so far no joy. 

Did you ever find a solution?