In outlook - how do I change the meeting scheduling to 15 minutes instead of 30?


To be clear, I'm not talking about calendar VIEW but scheduling in 15 minutes from the drop down. - see picture


I charge my customers in 15 minute intervals.  I record their time in outlook calendar.   When I schedule a meeting or make notes of a call, I'd love to have the drop down when I create a meeting increment by 15 instead of 30 so if I start a meeting at 10 AM I can easily go to the end time and drop it down to 10:45 instead of 10:30 or 11 or manually typing in the completion time.

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In Outlook options > calendar, enable shorten appointments to end early, change "less than one hour" to 15 minutes (you can select 10 minutes, then edit to 15 minutes). Works ok for starting on the hour or half hour, but if you want to start at the 15 or 45 minute mark, you'll have to type in the starting minutes.

@LauraB    Thanks so much.   Turns out I'm running oulook 2019.  It may not have that option or just as likely it is there and I don't see it.  My minimum default appears to be 30 minutes.