Importing People

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A client has been using Live Mail for some time. Currently using W10 Home he has over 1000 contacts. He has an O365 account and the apps are installed on his desktop. His email account is with

He manages several groups and sends regular emails to each group. Currently he creates an email and picks out the 40-50 people he wants the email to go to. He wants to be able to create a group and send the email to that group.

My research suggests that W10 livemail cannot create a group.

I would like to move him to Outlook (since he has it). The account is setup, all the emails are there but not the contacts / people.  When I try to import them via a CSV it says that the operation is not supported by the service provider (not quite sure what that means). If I logon to his account at I can see the People listed but they do not get synched with Outlook. 


Can anyone tell me how to import the contacts into Outlook or create a group in Livemail? It seems basic stuff but I just can't make it work!


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