Impact of Disabling O365 AdHocSubscriptions on existing trials ?

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I am referring this blog ) Idea is to block users from signing up for trial of office 365 services like streams,Flow,Power BI etc. on their corporate credentials by executing cmdlet "Set-MsolCompanySettings –AllowAdHocSubscriptions $False"


In-case any user is using a trial O365 license for any of the service, what would be the impact on him/her - will the trial continue or get halted immediately after we disable ad-hoc Subscriptions ?

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@Aditya Mediratta , any user is using a trial O365 license for any of the service, the impact is that new users in your organization are blocked from signing up individually. Any users that signed up for Power BI, Microsoft Stream etc before you change the setting keep their licenses.

@hollarhollar0911 Thanks a lot for your response, is there any cmdlet that can fetch me details of existing users who maybe currently using trials for any of O365 services ?

@Aditya Mediratta -  Below commands should help.


Connect-MsolService                   ----  (Connect to Office 365 via Powershell.)

Get-MsolAccountSku                   ----- (Run to get a list of the current licenses in your Office 365 tenant)

Get-MsolUser | Where-Object {($_.licenses).AccountSkuId -match "POWER_BI_STANDARD"}


---(Get users with POWER BI(FREE),Replace POWER BI(FREE) with AccountSkuID you are trying to filter by )


Below is link to get all product AccountSkuID (String ID)