IMAP Migration to Shared Inbox

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Is there anyway to migrate an IMAP mailbox to a shared inbox? I've seen a solution where the Shared Inbox gets assigned a licence, is migrated, then unlicenced. Is this the only way to do it without generating a PST file?

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You can through IMAP just you do for a normal mailbox migrate a mailbox.


You need the credentials from the source mailbox and the emailadress from the shared mailbox. With an CSV file you can do the rest.



@Maurits Knoppertthanks for you answer.  SO the only way to do this is with a CSV file and not using the migration tool built into the admin portal?



Hello Robin,


Is the IMAP mailbox in the same tenant as the Shared MAilbox? If yes then you can update a mailbox to a shared mailbox otherwise you need the migration with a CSV file.


@Robin Hollington 

@Maurits Knoppert

I have the same request! i have 20 odd IMAP 1emails (Cpanel type) and want to consolidate the domain and email into office 365

i have done the domain portion...all good! next

as i understand it, you can migrate imap only to a the extra same email box so:


and you need a real email on office365 side - so you have to buy or assign a license.

and only after days of syncing and waiting for the migratation to give "sucess" then you can convert that email to a shared email - you can then remove the license you bought! oh and as i understand it you can't remove the user that is attach to the shared email account - so you end up with user accounts that you don't necessarily need


what i would like to see is:,, --> (shared)

@tunesteve  Just a quick reply. Never delete the user attached to the shared mailbox. It's needed to make the mailbox work.


As for needing licenses to migrate IMAP to a Shared Mailbox. I start with a trial license. Most of the time my customers are using the Business Premium license, so I also add the 25 trial licenses. So I have a month with 25+ licenses to migrate stuff in mailboxes that in Office 365 don't need a license.