I can't remove completly Office 2016

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Hello, I had office 2016 installed.

I uninstalled it in order to install the version 365 , but once office 365 is installed, it continues to appear as if it were the 2016 version.  How can I remove all traces of the 2016 version?

Because, as the version stays as 2016, I couldn't use the office 365 features.


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@daromelman one way my organization has been able to get O365 installed when there are Office 2016 installs is by deleting the registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office

@firras thanks for your answer.
I tried but it didn't work. keep taking the 2016 license :(



Are you using the Office Deployment Tool and XML file to deploy? If so, do you have <RemoveMSI> in the XML file?