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How to use Outlook 365 Groups for group collaboration - tag / categorise, assign emails

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does anybody konw, if one can setup Outlook 365s shared Group emails with an add-in or by default/MS to provide the functionalities of a shared inbox, such as "assign email", "categorise" email, "close done", "mark no action needed", "reopen" with new update on the thread, etc.

Something what Google Groups can do, or any other email/ticketing system.

I cant figure how to set it up in MS Outlook 365.


If this is not possible by default and no add-in supports such functionality, please advise anyway.

thank you!

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This may not be natively possible within O365 Groups. You’ll need to create a Shared Mailbox to achieve what you’re looking for. Or, if you’re familiar with Power Automate, you can use that to copy incoming mails from the O365 Group to Planner tasks where you can then manage operations.

This has been a feature request from the community that has gone ignored by Microsoft since at least 2017. We like that the Group messages "live forever" and can't be deleted by an Outlook client. However, the lack of flagging and categorization makes a Group mailbox utterly useless for collaboration / task assignment.

Other productivity suite providers offer this capability and have done so for years now.  Why isn't Microsoft listening?

We have developed an add-in for Outlook that makes collaboration easier by extending the Outlook interface with a panel offering ticket-like functionality. The add-in can be used to easily assign emails, track their open/closed status, and save notes for internal discussion. If you're interested, you can learn more at