How to sync office 365 rules to Outlook

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I know it is simple question but suggestion did not provided link to any similar question.

How to sync rules in Office 365 to Outlook 2013 and how to sync group mails.

Outlook is configured with IMAP protocol. Email is syncing correctly except rules and I do not see group mails to where user is in.

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Hi @eXPlosion_ 


I'm not sure I'm understanding your question. IMAP does not synchronise email rules from Office 365


In addition, 365 groups are not exposed to IMAP and thus cannot be synchronised


Is my understanding correct that you have a Office 365 mailbox and Outlook 2013, but are connecting to the mailbox via the IMAP protocol rather than MAPI?  Would it be possible to set up connect as MAPI as this may resolve the rules synchronisation.


The M365 groups may not show in Outlook 2013 - I believe you need to be on Outlook 2016 to see the groups in the desktop app.




@HidMov you mean when creating new email account in Outlook:

New -> " or exchange activeSync compatible settings"

will give MAPI way?



If you are trying to connect to a Office365 mailbox, I would use the "Connect Exchange Server or compatible service" if possible.


Ok here what help says (as I am trying to set up connection out of office)

If Outlook cannot automatically detect your Exchange server, you can enter its address here. To find out the name of your Exchange server, you have to contact the person who gave you the email address, or contact someone in your IT department, for the name of your Exchange server.


nslookup gives me server name


I'm trying to set new account but outlook complains to close outlook and use control panel -> mail.


I'm trying to set new account using Control Panel -> mail and message pops up "...... Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action."


I open Outlook again, but error is the same, even it is open and shows connected.....

Hi @eXPlosion_ 


Just to confirm - you are connecting to a Office 365 mailbox? It should be able to find your mailbox with just your email provided the auto discover records are set up in 365.