How to search by keyboard in Outlook 365 when ribbon bar is hidden?

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When "auto-hide the ribbon" is enabled in Outlook 365, there does not appear to be any way to initiate a search by keyboard. CTRL-E does nothing. There also appears to be no keyboard shortcut to toggle the ribbon (when auto-hide ribbon is enabled, CTRL-F1 does nothing). Is there really no way to start a search by keyboard when the ribbon is hidden? Isn't this an accessibility problem?

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Can't you search with Ctr+F? That should bring up the search box.
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When the ribbon bar is hidden, neither CTRL-F nor CTRL-E does anything in recent Outlook 365 releases.

CTRL-SHIFT-F does work for advanced find, but that's a totally different interface than the current folder quick search that normally CTRL-E invokes.