How to Merge Exchange Online mailbox

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Hi All


I have an office365 user who left the company 3 months back,his mailbox is still active his email is and the same user has joined the company back and we have created a new mailbox for him and the name of the mailbox is

Is it possible to merge both the mailboxes, i.e we only want, we want mails to be merged with ie. all the mails of to be merged with and should not exist and should have all the emails of without loosing.

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See here to use powershell to merge the mailbox:

Of course if you need the mail for more like a archive you could also convert to a shared mailbox and give full permissions to the user! The user could also copy over content! Same with a pst export/import

Using mailbox search can help, however all the copied items will be placed in a parent folder and you will loose the folder structure. EWS is the best option here, for example this script:


That's assuming you want to use an "admin" solution, otherwise simply do the "merge" by copying the items in Outlook.


Can someone share this script, URL is dead and pointed to nowhere. Or share via email: