How to log out Ms Teams users remotely?

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Hi Microsoft Team,

I have some questions regarding Ms Teams 


1. I have a set of 0365 users that have MS Teams access.  I need to sign off them remotely by Admin centre. how do it do this? 


2. I want share the recorded video then I want the users only to view the recording but not to download it in the System also I want to display a message saying that "You do not have access to download the recorded videos".


3.  Can combine google drive with MS One drive ? is there any way ? 




Kamalbernard .




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1. You cannot really. Teams is part of the Azure/M365 ecosystem with the identity and sign-in process and the tokens that comes with it. You can always revoke sessions, but will take some time as the access token default limit is 1 hour, meaning you only revoke the refresh token that's needed for another access token session. They have introduced CAE which handles this waiting time issue Continuous access evaluation in Azure AD | Microsoft Docs

2. These features has been rolled out

3. Not sure what you mean. You can add additional cloud storage.

Controlled by TAC (Teams Admin Center) or below PowerShell.

Dear Christian

Thank you for your reply, i will try these in live and update you.

Thank you again for the information available.