how to disable "end appointments and meetings early" on OWA

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We want a way to disable "End Appointments and meetings early" org wide from OWA. 


"" > Calendar > events and invitations



Is there a way we can accomplish this? We tried to look in org config/calendar processing and Mailbox settings but didn't find anything that could resolve this. 


Another thing we can think of is custom OWA mailbox policy. Checking if anyone has any other suggestions which we can use.

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Can you elaborate more on why you want to disable the setting? Is it because you want to set an org-wide setting and have consistency among users?

There is no way to disable the setting nor to configure an org-wide setting -- we are working on that right now, so we're very interested to hearing why you'd like to disable the setting. :)


@Julia Foran - one reason would be to maintain consistency with the Outlook Windows client since we can make this setting across the enterprise here.

@William Lewis 


Hi for your monthly channel users, now the setting is consistent with the one you see in OWA (and it roams to other outlook endpoints as well). For your semi annual users, this is coming in the second half of 2021 :)