How to change the displayed mailbox name in Outlook?

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I'm new to Office 365 and just added my mail account via wizard.
On the left pane in Outlook I see my main mailbox and the shared ones to which I have access to.

The shared mailboxes are displayed with their name like "John Doe" and my main mailbox is displayed like "". I've searched a few places to change my main mailbox also to display the name instead of the email. Isn't this possible?



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@SeSchi12  that is not possible as being the main account it is set to email by design it is like this... when it comes to Shared mailbox or additional accounts or outlook data file it is possible for them only but for the default account it is not possible to change it.


Hope that help and welcome to Microsoft 365 and to this community....

Hi @SeSchi12 yes  that's possible if you are ready to modify your registry manually.

Do you have a guide for that?

I'll try to place it here in a couple of days.

@Victor Ivanidze  is it really worth to test that, like i remember the days people will rename the start menu, yes anything is possible but sometimes it is not a normal or regular practice....


this is why i just said not possible, will be waiting to get the steps posted by you Sir....

Hi all,

here is a 4 steps procedure (do not forget to export your Outlook profile as a reg file before testing).

I have tested it on this Outlook version: 




Open regedit and follow the pictures below.







Hi @SeSchi12 , did you try?

If you do not want to edit your registry manually, use RenameMailbox tool.




Here's an article with a few other methods.