How reliable is for syncing data from Dropbox to SharePoint Document Libraries?

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I have some files/folders within Dropbox that I want to migrate into some SharePoint Document Libraries in my Microsoft 365 tenant.   I understand that Microsoft offers Mover as a free feature to do exactly this.


What is the community's experience with using Mover for this kind of migration?   Does using Mover keep the metadata of the Dropbox files (i.e. date/timestamp, etc.)?

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I've recently used it for a migration of about 2k OneDrive to OneDrive migrations and it was very reliable and reporting was good. The modified date and user was retained for files with no issue however I have not tested for Dropbox yet unfortunately.

It's pretty quick/easy to set up so I'd say give it a test before ruling out other tools.
Thanks! I'll go through the initial registration and check it out.