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I know being a remote worker and working from home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to managing and planning your tasks and to-dos. Since I started at Microsoft, I became a remote worker working from my home office, and I needed to figure out what the best way for me is to get things done. In this blog, I want to share my experience on how to manage and plan tasks as a remote worker working from home and be more productive. 

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That's a pretty neat To-do setup and very busy Calendar, good job managing all that remotely and thanks for sharing! :)
Thank you for sharing your experience, in general the biggest challenge for work from home is concentration and how to have work life balance and schedule tasks.

thanks for this wonderful post. keep it up.


Thanks Reza
Yes, these things can be challenging, I think the more I let myself to make mistakes in planning and correct them, the more comfortable I feel, and I get better results. If I do my planning too precise I usually end up in chaos and stress myself out :)
Welcome Thomas,

I have similar situation as yours, I am planning things out and because I am at home, I need to do some other things which I forgot to add them in plan and everything mixed up. I am using new techniques called 24 formula, where I will say my deadline is today (in 24 hour) and I have to finish these tasks (of course live meetings are going based on time and exception from free style planning).
We need to learn with trial and errors.
Or learn from the experience of others that already have done the trial and errors ;)