How does file size of a PowerPoint work?

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I am working with an end user of our who is working with a PowerPoint presentation. The user was trying to keep below a certain file size but when went over, the user decided to delete a couple pages from the presentation. In theory, I would think the presentation would decrease in size however, it stayed the same. Does anyone know why this would be?

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@Jschm001 If the user used the PowerPoint app for the Presentation, and if it was not stored in the cloud, he might have forgotten to save it. If the user wants to save a lot of space, the user could put the Presentation in a .zip file.

PowerPoint files are already zip files. If you convert the extension of the file to .zip you’ll see it contains a set of XML files and the like. The user could check the zip contents before and after to see which specific files are or are not changing and where the volume of the KB's are located.  You'll find images and all sorts of things in the zip file so targeting specific files and their sizes will be easy.  I can't promise that the person comparing the zip contents will always understand what they're looking at though.

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This is great information! I did not even think to check the zip file. Thank you both so much!