How do we create custom Office 365 themes?

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Since we lost our Yammer masthead (banner) when we moved to O365 SSO. I need to find an alternative, as this was extremely valuable for sharing company-wide messaging.


Looking at the themes that are available. Are we able to create our own themes? If we can, then I can make it a default with the messaging.  #UI #UX


o365 Theme colours.png

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Yes, you can create custom ones. Go to the O365 admin portal -> Settings -> Organization profile -> Manage custom themes. Detailed info is here if you need it:


It's fairly limited though...



Thanks @Vasil Michev - I saw that support page, I'm looking for information on how to create new ones, like the examples below:


Office 365 Masthead ThemesOffice 365 Masthead ThemesOffice 365 Masthead ThemesOffice 365 Masthead Themes

Sorry, brain fart moment. You can only edit the Default one via the steps provided in the article. And there's no way to really force it on the users, at least no reliable way.

@Vasil Michev - I was thinking we can make a specific theme a default, thereby sharing a single message (internal comms) across the enterprise.    


Who from Microsoft can advise? @Michael Holste @Lana O'Brien

Thanks Mike, I'll have a look :)