How can i send welcome email

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is there any possiblity to send a welcome e-mail to the new users with the instrctions.

We creating the user account in on-premises Active Directory and then adding a license to the user in the cloud.


Any idea how can i do this?




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Here is a script that creates a user, syncs it via Dir Sync, licenses the user, and send a welcome email.

@PeterRising Thank you for your answer 

Is there any idea to add attached files with the welcome email ? 



Afraid I don't know of any way to achieve that.

Hello @ziad-255 ,


Well the admin way to do things is what Joe and Peter suggested. Adding an attachment would certainly include more complexity to the script, If you are ready to put in some manual work, good old  Mail Merge can be a good option (Mail Merge How to ). As far as the attachment is concerned, You need to question yourself if it is really worth the added effort, with mail merge you can create a word document with pretty much everything you need. If an attachment is still a must, a good option can be to upload the document to your company SharePoint site and put the link in the email. Since you are introducing users to office 365 environment, giving them a link to your company SharePoint site might not be a such a bad idea to get the users familiarized with your company SharePoint.