How can i list guests in Teams Admin Center?

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I am in Teams Admin Center and want to list all guests that has a license on them and wonder how i could do that? i assume that all users with the #EXT# tag are the guests ?? Itry to filter by the #EXT" tag but i only get 0 results then trying "Match all of these conditions: Username=#EXT#" why?


Also, the part on the user page is saying "Licensed". Is that the license applied by my organisation ? if a user is invited and have hes own license, will it still say "licensed" in Teams Admin for me or will that only change if I apply a license to him?

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thank you, do you know how i could list all guest users in teams as was my first question?

By the way, unless you have done that, Guest users does not have a license assigned in your tenant neither they have a license assigned "coming" from their home tenant
Yeah, the very first link explains the guest user license scenario ;)