How can I figure out my Office 365 account?

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I want to install my Office 365 on my desktop machine, however I don't remember the email address I used for Office 365.


I have Office 365 installed on my laptop, however there is no an account associated. When I open Word and I go to Account, I don't see my login details. It ask me to Sign in to Office. My Office 365 is working perfectly fine on my laptop.


Is there any way to find the account/email I used for this?



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Hello @xerez1947 


You can check in Credentials manager on your PC if you have already activated your Office on this PC. Otherwise I can suggest you also to search your mailboxes using "" as search criteria in order to find your account or domain at least.

Hi @Martin_BG


Thank you for replying. I checked Credentials manager but I don't see anything related to Office 365. I know that I activated my Office 365 on this laptop some months ago, but probably after that I log out because I don't like to save my usernames/password on my machines. Actually, I am not using a trial version or similar, this is a full version.


I already tried to find something about Office in my mailboxes with no luck. The problem is that I usually create/use some emails account for spam, and I think I created my Office 365 with one of these emails and I can't remember which one. I checked all my emails account I can remember but I didn't find anything...


Is there any other way to figure out the account on my machine? I can see two codes in the About section of Word: Product ID and Session ID. Could this help?



Does anyone know the answer?