Hide the 'works with' information on the Office 365 profile card

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Is it possible to hide the works with Information in the organization-tab on the Office 365 user profile cards?
And knows somebody how the works with Information will generated?
FYI: I disabled OfficeGraph in the SharePoint AdminCenter.


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Hmm, I believe this information is pulled from the manager attribute

@adam deltingernot realy. On my customer the 'manager attribute' is empty or not maintained. So I assume that the 'works with' info will generated by some other O365 magic. And by my customer is not desired to see who works with whom ;)



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AFAIK, there is not currently a way to customize the people card in Office 365
Has this been changed?

Can "works with" information be removed?
That page only talks about adding additional attributes, not about hiding or removing unwanted information.
AFAIK the people cards can only be customized by adding additional attributes but not by deleting the defaults.

Maybe it can be done by disabling the item insights for the entire organization or only for some user groups:

I'll give it a try and get back here to let you know the result



Hi Rafael,


do you already have a result?


I've got the same problem and can't find anything regarding this topic...


Thanks in advance!



Sorry for the delay.

Today I've just disabled the item insights for a group to test the results/consequences on a limited scope but these changes can take up to 24 hours to be applied across all Microsoft 365.

I hope I will provide you with more information in a couple days.
Hi, I am facing the same problem and is curious about the results of your test, especially since the test takes a week to perform. Any info to share with us?

@Raymond_666(cc/Frichtr) No, we haven't noticed any changes so far. I'm afraid I'll have to open a support case, at least I will hopefully have an official answer from Microsoft.

I'll keep you informed.



Thanks for the reply.
Have been in contact with Premier support, Microsoft Privacy and some other parts of Microsoft, no luck. So far.... To be continued.

Unfortunately Microsoft Tech Support told me that it is not possible to hide or delete any property on the contact card in SharePoint Online / Delve. They also said that the "Works with" feature cannot be changed. Even through the privacy of the statistics, we cannot hide attributes with information from the profile card.


I asked them to consider escalating the issue to be implemented as a future enhancement.

@TheHailender We have been working on exposing controls to enable administrators to disable/enable the feature for the whole company or a group of people in the company. The documentation should be able to help with that: 

I tried to disable de People Insights for one group with no success, both in PowerShell and in Graph Explorer.

In Graph Explorer the response of the API allways return a NULL un the "disabledForGroup" field.

"@odata.context": "$metadata#organization('8f0d452c-************')/settings/peopleInsi...",
"isEnabledInOrganization": true,
"disabledForGroup": null

In Powershell i don't get any errrors, but it does nothing:

PS C:\> Connect-MgGraph -Scopes "User.ReadWrite","User.ReadWrite.All"
Welcome To Microsoft Graph!

PS C:\> Update-MgOrganizationSettingPersonInsight -OrganizationId 8f0d452c-******** -DisabledForGroup 0f670099-********

PS C:\> Get-MgOrganizationSettingPersonInsight -OrganizationId 8f0d452c-********

Id DisabledForGroup IsEnabledInOrganization
-- ---------------- -----------------------

@RafaelVarela currently the controls are available in graph explorer only. 

When disabling for the group you will need to provide the group ID. See the sample here from the documentation: 


Example two: Update insights - Microsoft Graph beta | Microsoft Docs

@PeterNjorogeMS Thank you for your message.


I'm aware of that part of the documentation and I did provided the group ID in my test.


What you see in my previous message is a copy of the response of the server, not my request. The Organization and Group Id are ofuscated for the sake of security.


Here you have an screenshot with the request and the response:






Got it, now this takes a while before the changes reflect. Let's give it 24 hours then we can circle back and review it.

@PeterNjorogeMSYeah, right, I should have known that it can take up to 24 hours. I forgot that part of the documentation.

I have just checked the status and it stills shows no changes. Any thoughts?