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I have recently enrolled on a medical secretary course and am trying to complete my first assignment. I have tried googling but no success. I am struggling to find my way around personal 365 (previously used 2007!) And I am not used to having a 'cloud'.
In outlook, I have had to create a folder and sub-folders and place documents within these folders, which I have done. I then had to make the folder into a .pst, which I thought I had done.
I need to attach the .pst to my submission email.
My problem is that 1- I find it challenging to find folders in general in Word
2 - when I think I have found the .pst file, when I try to open it there are no documents in the file
3 - when I find the file name the pathway is wrong
4 - I have tried to completely delete the original outlook folders to start again assigning a new name, but it still comes up with the original folder.
I have wasted soooo much time trying to figure this out and I am now at a complete loss and I need to submit ASAP.
I would be so grateful for any advice
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I'm afraid your post doesn't make sense (to me at least) and its not clear why you are talking about folders & sub folders, Word and then .pst files. Word is a tool for creating text based documents. You then save those files to a folder, usually as .docx files. You would use File Explorer to see these files. .pst files are used by Outlook and used by your PC to store those emails. The .pst file is just a container with emails in it. You wont see any emails if you try to do anything with a .pst file, you would need to use Outlook and import the .pst file.

Try explaining in a different way what you have been asked to do. Someone may then be able to help you. Right now, placing files (presumably Word documents) in a folder and then trying to put them in to a .pst doesn't make sense.

Happy to assist if I can my head around what you're trying to do.