Have an O365 E2 subscription (non-profit) need about 25 licenses with email encryption.

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We have an O365 E2 subscription (non-profit) and need about 25 licenses of mail encryption.  Can we purchase just 25 E3 licenses or do we need to purchase new licenses for the entire organization? 

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Hello! As far as I know users benefiting from O365 message encryption needs to be licensed to be covered by the feature.
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Short answer... yes. You can just buy however many E3 licenses you need.

To pick up on the other reply.. you will only get the extra features on the accounts you add the E3 licenses to.
Yes, what I am asking can I just licence 25 users who need encryption, or do I have to upgrade the entire organization of 150 users?
Thank you, that's what I was hoping for.
Hello, perhaps you’ll find this info useful so I’m attaching it

Never heard of E2 to be honest, but could maybe be eligible for AIP plan 1 (not necessarily E3).