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Users are able to create Group Calendars (i.e grouping some calendars) under a name meaningful for them.


Do you know how to get them through powershell or GraphAPI. I tried but I have an error (not a 403)

error": {
        "code": "ErrorNotSupported",
        "message": "Specified method is not supported.",
and I am trying also via Powershell with Get-MgUserCalendarGroup -UserId xxx but geeting the following error
Get-MgUserCalendarGroup -UserIdXXX
Get-MgUserCalendarGroup : Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Graph.Authentication, Version=,
Any Ideas are welcome
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Did you get anywhere with this? I've come up against the same problem today and can only find this thread about it...

@ULAaronSorry for late reply.

Nope. It is not possible. You can read the info and create a group calendar but not attach existing calendar to the group